Posts & Stories from Pastor Miller Coming Soon

For anyone who knows Pastor Miller, you know he is famous for his stories. Some of which will have you rolling in the floor in laughter; some of which will have you crying reflecting on the grace and mercy of God.

We will be sharing those stories with you! Periodically, we will release inspirational posts, Bible teaching, and some of those famous stories.

If you know Pastor Miller, and have a story that you would like told on this website, leave a comment below!

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  1. Hello Pastor David Miller! It’s Mike Smith (Pastor Buford Smith’s son!) I’m so thankful to see the wondrous works of God happening in your Ministry. We’ve known one another from practically just boys. Look at what God has done – and is doing! Jesus’ words are true “Greater works SHALL ye do!” I’m so proud for you & Sister Miller and all your family and people! Words simply can’t express! God’s Blessings and Grace and Peace on y’all! Kindest, Mike

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